If i won a lottery

If I Won The Lottery a.k.a, things Id do if I were super if i won a lottery

The Mega Millions jackpot is now worth $530 million, making it the seventh-largest in the games history. Heres what five experts, including Kevin OLeary, Suze Orman and Mark Cuban, say to do if

Short Essay on If I Win a Lottery - World’s Largest

Winning the Powerball Lottery Won’t Solve Your Problems. You’re not going to win the current Powerball jackpot, so don’t spend a bunch of money on tickets.…

What Id do if I won the Lottery if i won a lottery

If I win the lottery, we will go on vacation.” This is correct, but suggests it’s a real possibility in the near future. You bought your ticket, they’re about to announce the numbers, and you know what you’re going to do if you win. Using “for” i

“If I win the lottery, we will go on vacation.” - Quora

So, with a £144 million mega-draw jackpot, we got hold of Nigel Birrell – chief executive of - for his tips on how to win the lottery and keep not just your money, but also

So what SHOULD you do if you win EuroMillions? 9 ways to if i won a lottery

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Heres What To Do If You Win $500 Million Lottery

So what would I buy if I won the Lottery? Gorgeous holidays and lesser-spotted hot tubs are top of the list, clearly, but here’s what I’d treat myself to if I didn’t have to consider a budget: 1. A new kitchen and bathrooms. Photo by Watermark Designs on Unsplash. We’ve been in our home for nearly 12 years now. I’m happy in it – it’s where I raised my children, it’s opposite a

What financial experts say to do if you win the lottery

Nor is playing the lottery a sound financial plan. Most of us, however, have probably taken a moment to daydream about what wed do with a spare $100 million. In reality, if you did get very, very lucky, financial experts (and former winners) have some advice for what to do when you win the lottery. Before turning in the winning ticket

How to Answer ‘What Would You Do If you Won the Lottery?’

If by the grace of God I win a lottery. I will be full of joy. To offer my gratitude towards Him first of all I would visit a temple along with my family members to make an offering. I will not meet any visitor to con­gratulate me, because it is sure that they will definitely expect something from me in return. They will tell about their pathetic conditions and miseries of life on some

What to Do If You Win the Lottery - State Farm® if i won a lottery

If I won tens of millions of euros in the lottery I would definitely take some time off work and start learning a new language or instrument maybe. However, life would be boring if I had nothing to do each day and so I would want to keep busy. It is also possible that I would start my own business or even invest in a company that I had always wanted to be a part of

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