Why the other woman never wins

Cheating From the Perspective of the "Other Woman

Do not let your children know about the other woman. They start hating their father. It is between you and your husband. Do not give importance to the other woman. She does not deserve it. Who wins the battle? You or the other woman? There can be doubt that you will emerge the winner. The finality of the illegal relationship of your husband is

13 Ways to Deal with Being the Other Woman

I feel like the other woman has won everything that is important to me. And now she sits with my husband, a good job and a seemingly charmed life. My mother says that I am wrong about this. She says that in the end, the other woman never really wins. And then she told me something that shocked me.

Mistresses: The other woman is never a winner - Daily Record

If you are the other woman, you can’t think in blacks and whites. Everything should be in grey. You can’t think that you are the only one at fault, because he is the one cheating too. Just because you’re the other woman doesn’t make you a bad person, it is just a tough situation to be in.

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