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A take on Gail Howards lotto systems, wheels and software. Lotto Combination 1,2,3,4,5,6: Probability, Frequency, Odds, Statistics. Best Odds, Probability: Lottery, Lotto or Casino Gambling? Primer on winning lotto, powerball, keno with the best free winning strategy. Primer on winning pick-3, pick 4, digit lottery with the best free winning

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Gail Howard is well-known for her lottery books but her lottery software definitely needs massive improvement. The look and feel of SmartLuck Advantage Gold software is terrible and it is also not intuitive. This is further compounded by their website being infected with virus! Our recommendation is to read her lottery books if you want but not to play with her lottery software. Visit

Gail Howards "Lotto: How to Wheel a Fortune" Review

gail howard lottery software
I have been using Gail’s system and software for six months. I have improved considerably. When I started, I could predict ONE number every three weeks. Now, thanks to Gail’s system, 5-7 days a week I can create a number pool of 20-25 numbers that contains three of the winning numbers. One day I even predicted all five! It takes commitment and practice. Sorry you’ve had such a bad return.

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Im using Gail Howards book "Lottery Master Guide" to create power number systems, but I really appreciate the additional abbreviated wheels you have made available. Using this software eliminates the necessity of creating my own software using Oracle." Bud Mink from Missouri writes: "I purchased Lotto Pro on January 26th and played the Missouri Pick 3 game on January 27th. The program picked

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Written on August 23, 2000; later updates. In Reply to: Comparative Lottery Software, Lotto Software, Programs, Systems, Strategies posted by Karl Malmberg on August 20, 2000. • Some informed me that Gail Howards approach has some similarities to my strategy presented on the the main winning lotto, lottery software, strategy page. I understand, however, that her method is not based on the

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Are Gail Howard’s lottery systems as Smart Luck and Lotto How To Wheel A Fortune really able to win the lottery as Gail Howard claims? Gail Howard claims her systems are able to win every lottery game in the world and advertises this like spam all over the Internet. Yet no matter how deep we search, we simply cannot find a single real lottery winner using Smart Luck lottery system.

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Gail Howards Lottery Systems Good or Bad?

gail howard lottery software
Gail Howard Lottery Software. This strategy is also used by various systems like Gail Howard lottery software, (available on Amazon), in order to predict future lottery numbers to win. Such lottery systems often provide you with over 100 different patterns with their probability of being drawn. Thereafter, you have to go with the patterns with the highest probability for the number of draws

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